Posted by: PatrickJL | June 14, 2007

Emerging Professionals Companion

thanks to claire for giving me this info:

the emerging professionals companion is described on it’s website as…”a comprehensive professional development tool for emerging architecture professionals. the reality-based approach to developing the EPC was meant to ensure it would address intern needs for completing specific IDP training areas.” it also promises to help with the following:

  • support interns in the IDP process, particularly in gaining credit
  • encourage emerging professionals to develop practice competence through design excellence and innovation
  • increase support, involvement, and mentoring of firms, supervisors and mentors
  • allow for greater personalization of experience within a reliable structure
  • create a resource that is stimulating, affordable, flexible, readily available, and easy to update

basically, by signing up for this, you can read some books, answer some questions, and earn some credits towards your IDP, even those pesky little credits that you have no idea what they are for and how to achieve them. to visit the E.P. Companion click here. so now you can spend all of your time working on your construction documents credits…YEAH!



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