Posted by: PatrickJL | March 20, 2008

Simple Wind Turbine to Help Power Villages

[photo Jim Merithew/]

I couldn’t help think of my 5th year “comprehensive” project when I read this article on My project dealt with the non-profit organization Solar Electric Light Fund, or SELF, which provides PV panels to rural villages in third world countries to power basic essentials such as water pumps and lights in schools.

Engineers Without Borders has taken on the same problem of providing power to villages off the grid. There solution uses a simple wind turbine to capture energy and charge a battery. This battery will then be able to power low energy consumption LED lights, eliminating the dangers and health risks from the kerosene lamps currently used.

The wind turbines design is simplified and uses materials readily available, like hard plastic for the blades. The total cost of each unit comes in at around $100. The first turbines will be going up in Guatemala.

[via referred by erin]



  1. Wow! I find that very interesting. Currently I’m a student at the University of Maine at Orono and a member of the EWB chapter here. I’ve been working with EWB and my civil engineering capstone group to research alternative energy sources for the community of Dulce Vivir in Honduras. I would love to learn more about this system. Please let me know more however possible. Thanks!

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