Posted by: PatrickJL | March 31, 2008

My Favorite Picture of Claire

I was rooting through my thumb drive when I found this picture. It was from sometime last year when Sarah and Claire came to visit Eliot and myself. We went to Blueberry Hill for lunch and I snapped this picture of Claire “double fisting” her soda and water. I think it’s the facial expression, the “I’m innocent, go ahead and give me a hard time” look. Speaking of which, it’s been twice since I’ve been back to El Scorcho and I have had the same guy who keeps talking about you two.

Claire, don’t feel like I put you on the spot on this post, I mean, it could be worse, I could’ve posted another picture I have on my thumb drive that I don’t think you would appreciate. Actually, there is a couple of pictures you probably would appreciate not being posted. I’ll go ahead and let everyone else’s mind wander.

p.s. – Eliot, this post means I beat you for the month of March….ha ha, suck it.



  1. You may blog more but I tip better!

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