Posted by: PatrickJL | May 20, 2008

Road Trip to Springfield…could be interesting?

This is no doubt going to be a marathon post, the Wyatt Earp of posts if you will, I didn’t see it necessary to turn it into a saga of posts, the Star Wars of post if your still willing…so here we go.

So eliot, erin and myself set out this weekend towards that little speck in the ozarks, Springfield that is, to celebrate emily’s graduation. We expected a fun and exciting weekend but we had no idea what we were getting into. To start it all, we stopped in rolla to get some food and stretch. What better place to go eat in a little town than Shoney’s right? I mean, we got a little nostalgic when we saw the ole’ buffet.

First, I think the guy from memento had a better memory than our server. I guess I could cut her some slack for having to remember orders for all of her tables, a whopping two tables that is. We finish dinner with only a few hiccups, pancake questions, jam dilemmas, but all in all, nothing too bad to complain about. Then we go to pay. The cashier seems to be fighting the avian flu but she’s glad to handle our money and pass the germs along. We split the check and pay with credit card and she requests our ID’s. Gladly, I pass mine along as I appreciate when a clerk double checks to see if the ID is in fact mine. I sign the receipt and she retains my ID to compare the signatures between my license and the receipt. “These signatures don’t match” replies crazy lady. Huh?! Restraining myself from telling her that no one actually gives a shit, I politely explain that my ID is nearly 10 years old and handwriting can change in that time. I didn’t tell her that I just scribbled on the piece of paper because I don’t think it’s worth my time to neatly sign my name. She still seems concerned that the signatures don’t match. Mind you, eliot hasn’t completed his transaction yet. So she lets me slide like I’m getting away with some heinous crime and she is my godsend. She reminds eliot to make sure when he signs that the signatures match. If this is some kind of fraud deterrent, shouldn’t she not say anything and see how he signs it?! Not to mention that next to that signature she stared down for a good minute and a half is a freakin picture of my face! At this point my tolerance has run out and I need to leave the building before I open my mouth and spew something rude. After the longest stop I think I have ever made in Rolla, we continue on to our destination.

Friday night was pretty quiet after we arrived in Springfield and we ended up sitting around emily’s house and trying to figure out what worm hole/twilight zone we drove through in the middle of Missouri. The next day I got looking forward to quench my thirst on the sweet nectar that is Tiger Spiced Chai from the mudhouse, only to discover that they had run out of Tiger Spice. Of all possible things to run out of it has to be the Tiger Spice. So I settle on a Peanut Butter Puddle which is amazing and I had actually forgotten how truly great they are, and that the PBP was the reason why I fell in love with the mudhouse to begin with.

After mudhouse, we stop by the new library in park central square. Not so much a library but a internet resource center with some nice nooks for you to sit and read. Bring your own book though, they only have about nine books there to choose from. Connected to the library is a new coffee shop called the coffee ethic. I had been looking forward to see the space because I knew that the workshop 308 designed it. It’s a nice space I recommend stopping by for a cup if you have the means to.

A final trip to the super walmart to pick up some last minute items for the party and some material to patch the ceiling that emily’s dad stuck his foot through. We finally arrive back at emily’s with just enough time to relax and allow emily’s mom to tell us some embarrassing stories of her childhood. For example, the coffee table that emily has in her house happens to be older than she is and as a child she constantly would chew on the edges of the table. I will restrain myself from any Freudian psychoanalysis to why she felt the urge to stick anything and everything in her mouth but for illustration purposes see the example below.

The Party.

The party started off without a hitch. shayna and gil arrived early and it was good to see those two. Shortly after them, the barbecue pit and washers arrived, the party had officially started. We tapped the keg and played some washers while the brats cooked. As it got darker, we only got crazier.

Right as it got dark, not too crazy yet.

marsha showing us how it’s done…we’re getting there…

a picture for the folks…

and one for the friends…

oh boy…I think they did in fact lose their love and feeling…

now we’re just out of control…

eliot and emily, eliot is feeling good…

I think everyone is feeling good in this picture…

I don’t know what is funnier, eliot posing or emily dancing in the background…

on our way out we saw who was taking care of this street. no, it’s not photoshopped.

here’s a close up…

all in all, a damn exciting weekend.



  1. Emily nibbling the table? Genius.

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