Posted by: PatrickJL | August 25, 2008

Springfield = Big Beers, Cardinals, Puppy Mills and Michael J. Fox…

So this past weekend we hit Springfield again for Emily’s birthday. We decided to opt out from eating at Shoney’s in Rolla a.k.a. the Bermuda Triangle as I have come to call it because it seems to suck the time away faster than any place on earth and the waitstaff could rival any troll/dwarf village that J.R.R. Tolkien could conjure up.

We arrived in Springfield around ten and decided it would be a good idea to imbibe some massive beers (34 oz!) at Indigo Joe’s. 34 oz of Fat Tire ale is just what the doctor ordered. We discussed the Olympics, Emily’s current

relationship status, and Haley Joel Osment. Did you see him in Secondhand Lions? Apparently our waitress did. Whatever did happen to that lion anyway?

After a couple of the big beers, I had to pee. Really, really bad, but for whatever reason felt that I had to wait till I finished the glass first. You never know who’s gonna siphon off the rest of your beer while you’re away.

Ah, it looks like I ordered another big beer, that explains it. I wonder what Eliot is looking at and why Emily is fading away. Someone needs to call Michael J. Fox so he can travel back in time to change the past so Emily may continue to exist. Maybe Eliot is looking at Michael J. Fox, who happens to be standing right behind me. Damnit, how could I miss Michael J. Fox? What are the odds that he would be in Springfield the exact moment we needed him?

Saturday started out a little disappointing when we went to Mudhouse and again they were out of Tiger Spiced Chai. We even talked about it on the way down. “Should we call to see if they have it, and if they don’t, can we pick something up so they can make us one?” Nope, apparently not. I told Emily if they were out of Tiger Spiced Chai again I was going to punch the Barista in the nose. I think he heard me because he was a little stand offish the whole time we were there. Or maybe he just came off a 72 hour caffeine kick, you can never tell.

St. Michaels was on the lunch menu and the cajun chicken salad was as amazing as I remembered it. Betsy met us out there, she told us about her new house, new job, and new puppy. Roxy, Betsy’s new pup is basically Reeces’s lil’ sis. She’s a lab/boxer mix and other than the lack of white paws and a q-tip tail, she’s a miniature version of Reeces. After lunch we went to Betsy’s place to meet Roxy and hang out before the Cardinals game.

The Card’s game was fun, we left a little early to get out of the heat. The game was dragging on and we figured that we could guess the outcome, the score was 11-4 Cardinals at the top of the 7th. We topped off the night with dinner at Brew Co. and headed home to search for obscure youtube clips.

Sunday, we grabbed mexican for lunch and headed back to stl. We stopped in Rolla to see Erin’s brother and to gas up. While at BP, the twilight zone that is Rolla hit again. Erin sees a loose beagle walking around the pumps and she stops him from getting squished. Then she notices two other beagles tied up on the side of the gas station. Eliot and I leave the station see Erin clutching the pups. When we walk over there, this guy, something was clearly wrong with him, alcohol induced or otherwise. He never actually said the dogs were

his but spoke about them as an owner would. He said that they were left over from today’s sale and then muttered some other gibberish. This is the best picture I could get while being discreet enough for him not to see me when we drove by. The guy looked a little like Buffalo Bill and I really didn’t want to be turned into a trenchcoat that day.

All in all, another exciting weekend in Springfield…


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