Posted by: PatrickJL | July 8, 2010

My architecture makes me sexy…

Overlooking the long hours, low pay, 25% unemployment rate, and poor habits in general, the consensus is that architects are in fact sexy.  According to a poll taken in 2005, architects were rated highest out of all professionals in terms of sexiness.

Read the article at

So I guess I should pull out my black turtleneck and throw on my PhilJo (copyright pending) glasses and hit the town!



  1. Did you see the article that listed architect
    as a high paying career? We couldn’t believe it at my work.

    • That’s laughable. Just finished reading it. I like the stock photo at the beginning of the article. When have you ever found yourself in that position? Hardhat, Blazer over graphic tee, holding a set of rolled up drawings pointing off into the distance. It’s like they think all we do is stand around on the site and point at stuff.

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