Posted by: PatrickJL | July 29, 2010

Silversun Puke-ups

Silversun Pickups played a free show at Soldier’s Memorial on Saturday. So Jenny and I went to go see it.  Everyone was going well, good music, great people watching…when all of a sudden we see security escorting a belligerent drunk away from the crowd.  Right as they approach us, the guy spews.  Thankfully, the majority of said spew landed on the ground but we were hit by residual splashing.  Did I mention I was wearing shorts?  Jenny made the unfortunate mistake of opting to wear sandals that night.  This happened about 2 songs into the show.  Despite our freshly basted legs, we trudged on.  It started to sprinkle which was welcomed by the crowd because of the heat.  The performance was good, right up until the promoter abruptly ended the show as a safety concern (weather).  To be honest, storm clouds were rolling in, so we decided to high-tail it and try be the rush to the metrolink.  It’s never a dull moment when we hit the town, I can’t imagine why we don’t do it more often.


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