Posted by: PatrickJL | August 4, 2010

Did Corb ever sit in on product lunches?

So I’m sitting in on a product lunch today and I immediately think to myself, “Would Corb have ever sat in on something like this?”  I mean, as the rep is telling me that their product could turn my building into “architecture.”  Whaa?  That’s when it popped into my head.  Did Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, or Frank Lloyd Wright ever design with specific products in mind?  When Corb was designing the Villa Savoye, did he think “I really want to use this cool ceramic tile”?  That’s what it seems like now.  I find that at times we may be working on a conceptual design and are talking about specific products we would like to use.  Is that right?  It seems like designing around the use of a specific product and not solving the problem at hand is not the way to go.

Oh well, at least I got a free sandwich out of it.  I’m such a whore.


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