Posted by: PatrickJL | September 1, 2010

Don Draper would have an iPhone…

If anyone knows about my unhealthy obsession with Mad Men…then this post makes sense.  I don’t know if it’s a designer thing or just me.  It makes me regret getting rid of my cable last fall.  The sets, the wardrobe, the adultery, they can’t even try to make anything look bad.  RollingStone has a behind the scenes pictorial of the Mad Men cast that makes me wish I was in the business.  St. Louis’ own Jon Hamm is shown between scenes checking his iPhone 4.

Jon Hamm claims that he is not as slick as Don Draper although seeing him offset I’d argue that fact.  If I ever run into Jon in St. Louis, I think it will be a dark smoky bar where we’ll share stories over a couple of Old Fashioneds…unhealthy obsession, I know.

John Slattery AKA Roger Sterling looking just as cool as he does in his usual three piece suit.

See the rest of the pictorial at RollingStone.


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