Posted by: PatrickJL | December 7, 2010

black friday or post-apocalyptic looting?

Yes, I did wake up at 3:45am on Black Friday and hustled over to Target to grab a few things.  Hey!, why the judgement?  If I want to bear the cold with a bunch of lunatics to save a few bucks…that’s my business.  I snapped a few photos that morning as a reminder of what a $400 flat screen TV can do to a normal person.

Actually I wanted to show my wife that Black Friday is truly indeed as crazy as the legend tells.  I explained the experience as feeling that people were looting in a post-apocalyptic world except that they happen to be paying for their merchandise.

I think the fact that the picture is blurry makes it even better.  It looks like I’m about 4 seconds from being trampled to death by the human in the red coat, I say human because I cannot identify their gender from this photo.

This poor soul camped solo outside Microcenter waiting to get their hands on a $290 HP laptop…one that my sister-in-law picked up at the same store at 11am later that day.  I appreciate the dedication but what a wasted effort…


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