Posted by: PatrickJL | January 4, 2011

New York, New York!!!

In early December my wife and I went to New York for vacation.  My friend from college lives there and took us out for a walking tour of the Manhattan.  It turned out to be a pretty nice day for New York in December – mid 40’s!  Of course we had to start out at the Flat Iron Building at the start of our walking tour.  Click to see more photos from the trip.

Empire State Building – almost get vertigo looking up at it.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

staircase at the Armani store.

another shot of the stairs at the Armani store.

Norman Foster’s new building

the Highline

It’s too bad the weather didn’t hold out for the day we walked the Highline but who knows when we’ll make it back so we had to check it out.  It snaked in and around existing buildings, there are even some new buildings being built around it.  Many of the new and existing adjacent buildings now have direct access from the Highline.  This would definitely be an interesting way to commute to work.



  1. Great pictures! The Armani staircase is pretty awesome. When I see recent pictures of New York it just reminds me that I need to go back.

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