Posted by: PatrickJL | February 18, 2011

Even Barbie got licensed before me!

Well Barbie has dabbled in every major profession out there from veterinarian to  McDonald’s fry cook to physician.  Why not an architect?  She comes equipped with a scale model, fashionable cityscape-print dress, thick-rimmed glasses, and Barbie pink drawing holder.  I think it would be more realistic if she showed up late, was overpriced and underproduced, and reeked of caffeine.

I can’t wait until Mattel introduces Architecture Student Ken featuring a five o’clock shadow and dark circles around his eyes.  His accessories would of course include disheveled clothing,  half-finished drawings and a laptop that displays the blue screen of death.

At least I know what my Goddaughter is getting for Christmas this year.  Available Fall 2011.

[Architectural Record]




  1. Amen! I was thinking the same thing…that Barbie got licensed before I did!! Great idea for Architecture Student Ken!

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