Posted by: PatrickJL | February 25, 2011

Tyson Living Learning Center receives its Living Building Plaque

The Tyson Living Learning Center located at Washington University in St. Louis – Tyson Research Center finally received its Living Building plaque last week, the first of two to be awarded.  The plaque has an interesting story behind it.  Each plaque starts out as a piece of salvaged lumber from Portland.  It is then shaped to the desired size and burned on the rough edge.  The graphics are laser etched and then each letter is stained by hand to stand out.  The finish is an orange oil non-toxic exterior grade finished made locally in Portland.  The petals are little metal plates with the petal name etched on it.  The idea is that a project may receive partial credit and could add the other petals as they achieve them.  A steel plate is mounted to the back and an area has been carved out so that the plaque can be mounted and used as a door pull.  It’s interesting to see how the mission of the International Living Building Institute (ILBI) is considered even in the recognition of a building.

The building also received a certificate that is just as well thought out as the plaque.  The certificate is hand printed silk from an artisan near Portland, Oregon.  The frame is from salvaged wood that is usually chipped up and discarded.

Here I am breathing a sigh of relief.


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