Posted by: PatrickJL | March 14, 2011

lecture series: RAFAEL MONEO

Last week I had a chance to go and see a lecture by renowned Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. When I sat down near the front I didn’t realize that I wasn’t going to understand a word that came out of his mouth. Since I fall under the typical American whose grasp of any other language than English is what ethic food names I can recall, I’m going to let him slide on this one. He presented a few new projects that his office has been working on. I do feel I missed out on the conversation though. I can say I wasn’t overly impressed with the new work he presented compared to his earlier work that I have been familiar with.

Moneo describing the section of Columbia University’s Northwest Corner Building.

RISD Chace Center Museum of Art

Moneo again discussing the section for Columbia University’s Northwest Corner Building.

I was hoping to hear about some of Moneo’s more familiar projects, such as the Murcia Town Hall.  I remember studying this in my Modern Architecture class with Kenneth Frampton’s Modern Architecture: A Critical History.

Murcia Town Hall on the Cardenel Belluga Plaza

Murcia Town Hall

The highlight of the evening was spotting an old Drury professor at the lecture. As I was sitting on the floor in the packed auditorium, Bill Bricken sits in the row just across from me. I couldn’t help but to steal a shot with my phone for evidence.


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