Posted by: PatrickJL | July 12, 2011

tattoos in architecture

This post is in response to Life of an Architect, Bob Borson’s post Tattoos and the professional.

I agree with Bob in that tattoos do not determine whether one is professional or not but perception can be a tricky beast.  I’d like to think that I would look ‘beyond the ink’ and see the work of that particular individual but I could also see myself silently judging someone for a poor decision in tattoo selection.  To me, tattoos are meant to be abstract, a view into one’s soul…wow, that was deep.  I did not intend to get to that level.  What I mean is that I believe tattoos should carry special meaning to the owner and not some lame saying or obscure advertisement of how “bad ass” one can be.  Seeing as this is subjective to the receiver of said tattoo, this can be hard to determine.  I also believe the location of the tattoo is just as important.  If a tattoo has special meaning to you should it be only visible to you and few others or should it be something you wear proudly for others to see?
In light of the subject, I did a quick search on google and located some architecture themed tattoos that might inspire the rebel in me.

[via Gliffy]
Floor plan tattoo.  One question.  What happens when you have to remove the extra bedroom due to value engineering?

[via Architizer]
I wonder how they decided that this was the detail that would be forever emblazoned on their skin.  Don’t forget to add the thermal break.

Le Corbusier’s Modulor.  I actually don’t have a funny quip for this one.  It’s abstract enough not to shout architecture, yet any architect should recognize this immediately.

More Corb love.

It’s certainly cheaper than buying an Eames lounge chair…and it will last longer too!

more furniture tattoos:

Frank Lloyd Wright tattoo

FLW tattoo on architecture student.  Interview about her decision here:

In architecture themed tattoos, FLW seems to take the cake.  Have you seen any other architecture oriented tattoos or do you have one yourself?  Reply in the comments below.


  1. Wow. Did people really get those tattoos? Maybe I should get a tattoo of Schrodinger’s equation.

  2. too late.

  3. I have small elevational diagram of the Farnsworth House on my upper back and I wear it with pride. Most archies who have seen it recognize it and like it. Unofrtunately non-archies seem to mistake it for a Chinese character. What Chinese charcters have sharp lines and look more or less like an F? Exactly.

    • That’s great! Do you have a picture of it you can link to? If you do, would you mind if I added it to the end of this post? If you would like it to be added and don’t currently have a link, you could email me the pic to pladendecker (at) gmail dot com.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. […] Fuente […]

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