Posted by: PatrickJL | January 31, 2012

vintage airline bags

I watched the Today Show this morning and there was a segment on mancessories (man accessories) which included man-bags – something I have an unhealthy obsession with (and plan to dedicate a whole post to my collection), and remembered this website a friend and I stumbled on years ago in architecture school. It was one of those late nights where we should have been working in between intense hacky-sack sessions but the internet was just too damn interesting.

[image link]

[image link]

I was inspired shortly after visiting this website, I completely forgot what project I was working, like I was going to sleep anyway, and jumped on to eBay and found this beauty.  I removed the short handle and replaced it with a shoulder strap and voila! another man-bag in the rotation.


I’ve had it for six years now and it’s still kicking.  Do you use a man-bag or have you re-purposed something into a man-bag?  Let me know in the comments.

[vintage airline bags]



  1. It’s interesting that you bought the British Airways bag, whereas I, being British, am automatically drawn to the Panam bags. Is it more of a find if it comes from further afield?

    Great post! Shall definitely be visiting this.

    • I don’t remember why I decided on the British Airways bag, could have been due to availability. I also really liked the design of it as well as many others. It is very well constructed and I assume most of those bags have similar construction, I don’t see this bag leaving my possession anytime soon. Maybe it’s time to look for some more on eBay. The Pan Am bags are awesome. So is the Gem State Airlines bag on page 6. This is where I get into trouble with my man-bag obsession…

  2. I am so jealous! the bags are breathtaking. i have a different style vintage pan am bag, an orange braniff bag, klm, gulf air, and a set of bags from aeroflot. would love for you to view if you want so if you want pics, i will send. where did you find these bags and where can i view and purchase?
    thank you

    • I think eBay is the only place online to find these bags. Can you post your pictures in the comments?

  3. I’m hunting for two of these bags for a play. Any ideas how to get ahold of them?

    • I found my British Airways bag on eBay, I think that would be your best bet.

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