Posted by: PatrickJL | February 13, 2012

best belated birthday present: Verichron World Time Desk Clock

My sister-in-law just gave be a belated birthday present, nay, the best belated birthday present (b3p – trademark pending) – and it seems to have been worth the wait.  Several months ago, she asked that I accompany her to a small antique shop in Kirkwood, MO to look at some replica Corb couches she was thinking about buying.  This place was an architect’s treasure trove!  Setup like a typical antique consignment shop, each space was divided into bays.  I had no doubt one bay was owned by an architect.  The space was filled with old architecture books, drafting supplies, and an Iittala Aalto vase.  I should’ve jumped on that vase when I had the chance but I let it go.  She decided to go buy the vase for my birthday but as you know, time is precious at an antique store.  The vase was gone.  Hopefully, it is sitting somewhere on a danish coffee table in a MCM home being admired.  What my sister-in-law did find, was this amazing Verichron world time desk clock which looks like it was snatched off of Don Draper’s desk at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

It’s a brushed silver metal capped at the ends by a dark stained wood.  It definitely has a vintage mid century modern look and I know I’ll be displaying it when I finally setup my home office – right now it sits on my cluttered, half-painted desk in my basement :(.


The red plane is actually the second hand and flies around the clock face – great little detail.


All the world’s major cities are listed in their appropriate time zone.  A disc behind the clock face rotates and always keeps the correct time up to date for each city.

I was unable to find any information about the clock and it’s design.  If anyone knows anything about the story behind these clocks, feel free to post it in the comments.  I did however find a few of them on eBay if you want to buy them – they go for about $35.


Here’s a similar desk clock by Seiko I also found on eBay:

[Seiko clock on eBay]



Here are some more I found on eBay –







  1. I just came across your page. My husband has one that was his grandfather’s. I believe he received it as a retirement gift from Diebold. Unfortunately, it does not work. I took it to a local watch maker to see if he can fix it. He is having trouble trying to find a new movement for it. Does yours have a battery. If so, what kind.

    • Mine is battery powered. It takes one C battery, which honestly doesn’t last very long so I’d like to find a more permanent fix rather than popping in a new battery every few months.

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