Posted by: PatrickJL | June 25, 2012

Pruitt Igoe Now Competition Entry

So finally, the Pruitt Igoe Now jurors have finished their reviews and uploaded the winners to the competition website.  Alas, we did not win, nor did we place as one of the 31 honorable mentions.  I still think we did a pretty damn good job and want to show off our efforts to the world.  World meaning of course the 40 or so of you that visit this blog a day.  So without further ado, here is our entry:

(click on the image to view full size so you can actually read the text)

See the full post to read our statement in full.

REgen City is a regenerative, experiential, people-centered community reborn from the fallen rubble of Pruitt-Igoe. Past wounds can be healed through redevelopment that champions economic vitality and community building with environmental stewardship. REgen City provides hope and inspiration, reintegrates the area into the urban fabric, and strengthens the region by engaging people and combining vital amenities with regenerative systems.

Regenerative systems optimize rather than maximize, eliminate waste and are resilient. They are net-positive providing more than they require for their own survival. Net -Positive -energy, -water, and Net-Zero waste are achieved with integrated closed-loop multi-function systems. Efficient design cuts energy and water needs to one-third. All energy is generated through renewable sources. Rainwater and graywater is used for all needs. Blackwater is treated in the Eco-Machine and Constructed Wetland and recharges the groundwater.

Living, recreational, agricultural, shopping, office, work, training, educational and research activities are mutually supportive. The mixed-uses provide vital services and enhance safety by extending daytime vibrancy into evening hours.

  • Green spaces provide necessary oxygen, cooling, habitat, healthy food production, recreation and create community gathering areas.
  • Public spaces, bicycle and walking paths connected to an electric-vehicle car-sharing station and public transit encourage a healthy lifestyle and foster interaction.
  • Community gardens enable residents to positively affect their lives.
  • The Farmers Market provides an outlet for local agricultural products and produce from the Vertical Garden.
  • The Cultural Center and Interpretive Center/Living Machine attract additional regional visitors.
  • Community focused -retail, -restaurant, and -office buildings provide local services and jobs.
  • Green –manufacturing -education, -training and -research provide local job and opportunities that can have positive global impact. 

The design team is made up of long-time St. Louis area and city residents; one of which has a family member that was on the original design team.


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