Posted by: PatrickJL | August 24, 2012

rocking horse project

So I’m at that point in my life when my wedding calendar is waiting and my friends are starting to procreate. Apparently a majority of people my age feel that they are responsible and financially capable of raising a child. I however feel I am not up to the challenge yet because of my lack of responsibility (did I feed the dogs this morning?) or financial capability (if supporting two dogs are this expensive, I can only imagine what it costs to support a child!). What I am up to is the challenge is to construct a little something for the children of my close friends. When my goddaughter was born I made her a simple toy chest. The toy chest was easy. I just found some pictures online that looked good and made one to match.

Another friend and his wife are getting ready to have their first baby and since he has been a huge Ford Mustang fan since I’ve known him I thought this would be perfect. This project has been much more difficult than I had anticipated. From what I have found, no one else online has built a Ford Mustang rocking horse so I have to come up with the construction myself. I decided the emblem would be the most iconic symbol to use considering it has remained almost completely unchanged since 1964. I going to cut the emblem silhouette out of two sheets of glued wood planks and then put the seat and handle in the middle.

I will be starting on it this next week an will post some progress photos.

UPDATE 9/6/12

Here are the progress photos as promised:


First, I found a photo of the emblem online and blew it up to the size I needed and traced over it in AutoCAD. Then I printed it out on 11×17’s and taped them together.


I used transfer paper to transfer the line drawing of the mustang to the wood. I’m using an Aspen plank I bought from Lowe’s.


Then I used a sabre saw to cut out the silhouette.

Next, I will assemble, sand, and paint it. I will post more updates after this weekend.
UPDATE 11/10/12

Holy cow I waited a long time to update this post. Well, I have been done with the rocking horse for a while now. Here are the finished photos:







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