Posted by: PatrickJL | November 23, 2012

Bathroom Renovation (Part 1)


The bathroom renovation has commenced. This has been a long time coming. This renovation will include a new vanity built by yours truly as well as all new finishes. We’re replacing the shower tile which is currently a cream-colored 5×5 square tile and will be replaced with a bright white subway tile with a mosaic accent band. Unfortunately, the original honeycomb floor tile that we discovered after removing the crappy Pergo wood laminate, which should never had been installed in a bathroom in the first place, couldn’t be repaired so it will be replaced by a 12×24 white floor tile with a linen texture laid in a brick pattern.

Also, the chocolate brown paint that we chose when we moved in 4 years ago will be going.  We’re opting for a lighter french grey that will hopefully lighten up the space.  The wainscot will also be replaced with something similar but we are opting dropping the height of the trip so that it doesn’t intersect the light switches, mirror frame, etc.


As I stated early, I will attempt to build the vanity.  The base will be constructed out of poplar, stained a dark brown (kona is the actual color), and the top is a butcher block scrap I bought from the Schaumburg IKEA on my September trip to Chicago (Go Cards!), which I purchased for $3.  The vessel sink has a chip in it, because I’m like a bull in a china shop and this is a tiny bathroom, but we like it and it’s the smallest sink we can find so we purchased the same sink from Lowe’s ($80).

The reason I am building a vanity is that the bathroom is so narrow we have been unable to find a vanity available that is shallow enough.  The vanity I am building is only 12″ deep where the smallest we have found is 16″.  We did find a 12″ vanity at IKEA on our Chicago trip this past fall, the same trip we picked up the butcher block, but the sink was too small and  we liked the vessel sink we already had.

The tile will be laid starting this Tuesday, which will take away the only bathroom we have in the house so we will be temporarily housed at my sister-in-law’s house, who also will be laying the tile – the best in St. Louis I guarantee – contact me if your in the region and need work done.

The plan is the demo will be completed this weekend as well as the vanity construction.  I will post a mid-week update and then a final post hopefully that will be near the end of the week because if it takes longer than that my wife may boot me out of the house!



  1. What a great work. Hopefully you already finished your project of bathroom renovation. Just wish I can see how it looks like after the renovation.

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