Posted by: PatrickJL | December 6, 2012

Bathroom Renovation (Part 2)


I honestly thought this would only be a 2 part story (and one week job) but alas, here we are, in the second week of construction (or deconstruction as I like to call it) and only the second part to this neverending story. When we started the demo, we ran into more problems than anticipated. It turns out the plumbing was horribly undersized and questionably installed. We had to basically rip it all out and start anew.


Here we are starting the demo all bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  Only if we knew what lay ahead…


We ripped out the old gyp board and uncovered metal tile and a declaration of love from the previous owners.


Post demo.  This is what I refer to as The Walking Dead bathroom.  I was tempted to board the door shut and spray paint “Don’t Open, Dead Inside.”


I took a video to show the demo since the bathroom is so tiny it is hard to get a good shot in there.  Note: in the last second of the video you can see a cutout of Chris Carpenter’s head on the wall of the living room.  He is my wife’s favorite Cardinal and it has nothing to do with his skills as a pitcher…’nuff said.


My sister-in-law (also my contractor/tile installer/interior designer) snagged this action shot of me ripping out the studs between the shower and the master bedroom closet.  There wasn’t enough room to put the shower valve in the existing wall so a new 2×4 stud wall needed to be built and believe it or not, but the hard hat was necessarily with all of the plaster chunks falling from the ceiling.

Well, on Monday we’ll be starting week 3 and hopefully the last post in this God forsaken home “improvement.”  Here we go…


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