Posted by: PatrickJL | January 24, 2013

Bathroom Renovation (Part 3)


Holy S***! Who knew it would take this long to update a bathroom that’s smaller than most people’s linen closets!  Well, here we are.  Finally, we started getting the tile in the shower up just before Christmas.  We decided to go with a classic subway tile and a glass mosaic banding that would intersect the storage nook we built in.



I’ve come to the realization that one must come up with creative solutions when working on home improvement projects.  Here we are trying to set the soap dish.  We spread mastic on the back of it, propped it up with a level (which is supported by a brick in the tub), leveled it, and finally, duct-taped it to the wall.



The floor tile is 12″x24″ porcelain tile with a light grey linen texture.  We found these at Hood’s for a pretty good price and we only needed 12-13 tiles to cover the whole floor.







Of course we had to leave our mark on the side of the tub before the hardibacker went on.  I wonder when is the next time this will be uncovered again?



I am thoroughly disappointed with Moen and their Kingsly shower faucet.  This gap doesn’t even come close to how they represented their product on their website.  I complained on twitter, using their @MOEN handle, and have been in contact with them regarding my issue.  They are sending me a spacer that is supposed to close the gap but I am still angry that I am not getting the product I thought I was.  I purchased the Kingsley line so that ALL of my fixtures in the bathroom would match.  I have no idea what this spacer ring will look like or if it will even solve my problem.



As everything started coming together, I needed to finish up the vanity before the plumber came back to hook it up.  I found the heaviest books we had in the house to hold the sink down until the adhesive could set.

I will include a few more pictures in a final post while we wrap everything up.



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