Posted by: PatrickJL | November 23, 2012

Bathroom Renovation (Part 1)


The bathroom renovation has commenced. This has been a long time coming. This renovation will include a new vanity built by yours truly as well as all new finishes. We’re replacing the shower tile which is currently a cream-colored 5×5 square tile and will be replaced with a bright white subway tile with a mosaic accent band. Unfortunately, the original honeycomb floor tile that we discovered after removing the crappy Pergo wood laminate, which should never had been installed in a bathroom in the first place, couldn’t be repaired so it will be replaced by a 12×24 white floor tile with a linen texture laid in a brick pattern.

Also, the chocolate brown paint that we chose when we moved in 4 years ago will be going.  We’re opting for a lighter french grey that will hopefully lighten up the space.  The wainscot will also be replaced with something similar but we are opting dropping the height of the trip so that it doesn’t intersect the light switches, mirror frame, etc.

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Posted by: PatrickJL | November 10, 2012

Lost+F(o)und Furniture Competition/Auction Entry: Re:Wine’d


I was invited by Perennial StL to enter a furniture competition where we were supplied an old wooden ladder and were tasked to turn it into a fresh new furnishing for the home using only the wood salvaged from the ladder.  Also, we were only to use hardware that we had readily available, we weren’t able to purchase anything new.  I immediately started thinking about an Adirondack chair, probably because I have been lusting after some salvaged pallets to make one for myself, but I talked it over with some people at the office and we decided that was an obvious choice and that I should come up with something that is a little more unusual than a chair.  That also ruled out coffee and end tables as most people have that taken care of already.  Naturally, my mind went towards alcohol, specifically alcohol display and storage.  I wanted something that was portable, usable for inside and outside, and also multifunctional if possible.  I started sketching up some ideas for a bar cart/wine caddy/breakfast butler that contain storage and workspace as well as be portable and easy to move around.

Here are some initial sketches (using 53’s Paper app on the iPad):

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Posted by: PatrickJL | November 10, 2012

I’m 42% of an architect!


Three down, four to go. I have to say I thought there was a really good chance I would be retaking this exam (Building Systems).

Now onto PPP…

Posted by: PatrickJL | August 24, 2012

rocking horse project

So I’m at that point in my life when my wedding calendar is waiting and my friends are starting to procreate. Apparently a majority of people my age feel that they are responsible and financially capable of raising a child. I however feel I am not up to the challenge yet because of my lack of responsibility (did I feed the dogs this morning?) or financial capability (if supporting two dogs are this expensive, I can only imagine what it costs to support a child!). What I am up to is the challenge is to construct a little something for the children of my close friends. When my goddaughter was born I made her a simple toy chest. The toy chest was easy. I just found some pictures online that looked good and made one to match.

Another friend and his wife are getting ready to have their first baby and since he has been a huge Ford Mustang fan since I’ve known him I thought this would be perfect. This project has been much more difficult than I had anticipated. From what I have found, no one else online has built a Ford Mustang rocking horse so I have to come up with the construction myself. I decided the emblem would be the most iconic symbol to use considering it has remained almost completely unchanged since 1964. I going to cut the emblem silhouette out of two sheets of glued wood planks and then put the seat and handle in the middle.

I will be starting on it this next week an will post some progress photos.

UPDATE 9/6/12

Here are the progress photos as promised:


First, I found a photo of the emblem online and blew it up to the size I needed and traced over it in AutoCAD. Then I printed it out on 11×17’s and taped them together.


I used transfer paper to transfer the line drawing of the mustang to the wood. I’m using an Aspen plank I bought from Lowe’s.


Then I used a sabre saw to cut out the silhouette.

Next, I will assemble, sand, and paint it. I will post more updates after this weekend.
UPDATE 11/10/12

Holy cow I waited a long time to update this post. Well, I have been done with the rocking horse for a while now. Here are the finished photos:






Posted by: PatrickJL | August 17, 2012

the role of transportation in promoting physical activity

It’s been a good week for infographics.  I saw this one on Active Living Research‘s Facebook page.  It discusses the positive impacts of alternative transportation methods typically found in well designed communities.

Click to enlarge.

Posted by: PatrickJL | August 16, 2012

how energy codes make homes more efficient?

This infographic was just passed around my office and I thought it was interesting enough to share.  It comes from the Institute for Market Transformation and displays that while we populate our homes with more energy sucking electronics than we did in the 1980’s, our stricter energy codes have made our homes up to 44% more efficient than those built 30 years ago.

Click for a larger image.

Posted by: PatrickJL | August 16, 2012

When did I decide to become an architect?

This post is in response to a book giveaway on ArchDaily.  To enter the contest all you had to do was describe when you knew you wanted to be an architect.

I have wanted to be an architect since around age 6.  I can attribute my desire to becoming an architect to two things, my favorite toy as a child, LEGO, and the movie Three Men and a Baby – yes, that movie.  I’ll explain.

Reason 1: LEGO

I wish this was around when I was a kid…Hell, who am I kidding?  I’m going to get this now.

When I would get a new set, I would meticulously follow the directions and put it together only to immediately tear it apart and building something new with the pieces.  I was fascinated with the idea of taking this pile of “bricks” and creating new worlds and then populating it with various LEGO people.  I would spend hours (and years) playing with LEGO.  In fact, 20+ years later and I still have them!
Reason 2: Three Men and a Baby

I can’t help but to make strong gestures at every site visit because of this movie.

Yes, the movie with Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg.  Tom Selleck’s character was an architect and in any film’s typical portrayal of an architect, it showed Peter Mitchell (Selleck’s character) drafting at his desk, walking around a half built skyscraper with a roll of drawings pointing at things, and generally living a carefree lifestyle.  I remember asking my mom what his job was because it seemed so interesting to me – Hell, interesting to any 6 year old I’d bet.  Since Three Men and a Baby released in 1987, I probably didn’t see it until a year or so later, I figured I was around age 6 when I decided to become an architect…and I haven’t looked back since.

Quite possibly the best line in the movie (thanks to “I’m an architect for Christ sake, I build 50 story skyscrapers, I assemble cities of the future, I can certainly put together a goddamn diaper.”

Of course, there were other reasons I wanted to become an architect but these two were definitely the first time I considered the possibility.

When did you decide you wanted to be an architect?

Posted by: PatrickJL | June 25, 2012

Pruitt Igoe Now Competition Entry

So finally, the Pruitt Igoe Now jurors have finished their reviews and uploaded the winners to the competition website.  Alas, we did not win, nor did we place as one of the 31 honorable mentions.  I still think we did a pretty damn good job and want to show off our efforts to the world.  World meaning of course the 40 or so of you that visit this blog a day.  So without further ado, here is our entry:

(click on the image to view full size so you can actually read the text)

See the full post to read our statement in full.

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The Sketchbook Project – 2013

I somehow happened upon this website and this seems like a pretty cool project.  It’s basically a crowd (artist?) sourced traveling art show that will end up in the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.  For $25, they’ll send you a sketchbook where you’ll fill it with whatever your little heart desires and mail it back to them.  Then the fine individuals at Art House Co-op will embark on a journey with all of the returned sketchbooks and setup exhibitions all across the country (and Canada too!).  I’ve been trying to get myself to sketch more to improve my skill and this may give me that motivation to get on it.

[the sketchbook project]

Posted by: PatrickJL | May 2, 2012

2012 New Belgium Fat Tire Cruiser Sneak Peek

I was scouring the web today and remembered that it was approaching the Joy Ride sweepstakes season.  I looked to see if New Belgium had the new fat tire bike design up on their website yet.  They do not, but someone at Bike Iowa knows someone on the inside and got a sneak peek.  I actually prefer last year’s design (read more about the 20th anniversary edition here) but that’s just me.  Let’s hope they remember to include an integrated bottle opener this time (seems like that would be the first thing they would consider on a beer branded bike!).

I also found what looks like a screen print of the new cruiser on the Missouri Coalition for the Environment‘s website.  They will be raffling one off at the Loop de Loop Grand Prix bike race on Friday, May 11.  See below.


I found a couple more photos on the I Own a New Belgium Cruiser Facebook page.

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