Posted by: PatrickJL | September 4, 2009

Wine Cellar

Here is some progress of the conversion of the coal room in my basement to a wine cellar. I have been working on the design of the wine rack for a while. I’m using wood reclaimed from my kitchen remodel to build the rack.

Here is the original design.



  1. A cellar or basement conversion is just another term for a remodel, except for the fact that you are not just updating or changing the look; you are converting your basement or cellar to be used for something different.

  2. A good place to start is to call Miss Utility before you even think about digging your basement out.

    • Not digging my basement out. It was previously a coal room, a concrete box basically. Adding wine racks, counter space, and lighting.

  3. Is cellar conversion worth the investment ? How much would I pay to rent the equivalent space?

    • Depends on your situation. I spend about $150 on the lighting for the cellar space, $100 on wood for the wine racks. Everything else I already had. Most of the wine racks are constructed from scrap wood I had from replacing my kitchen floor. I painted the racks with leftover paint we had. The design is rather sparse, other than the racks, there is a bistro table and a couple of chairs. I estimate that I will have room for about 12 cases of wine.

      I did a quick search on what it would cost to rent cellar space. It is approximately $2.50 per case/per month to store wine at a cellar. There is also a $15 fee to pickup/dropoff wine (for the first three case, $5 per case after that). That doesn’t include various inventory or handling fees. If I were to store what my cellar will be able to hold, I would pay about $30 per month for the storage alone. If I needed wine to be picked up or dropped off once a month, it would add $15 to that. Lets round that up to $50 with the various handling charges and tax. It would take me five months to recoup my investment. In my quick search I also wasn’t able to find wine cellar storage in my area so it looks like I wouldn’t even have a choice. I was surprised to find that the cellar fees were rather affordable. This would be something I would consider if I were required to spend more or didn’t have the space to do it.

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